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  • These general terms and conditions apply to all agreements between a branch of Barraco Team Rotterdam

  • and the person who uses the facilities of Barraco Team Rotterdam (hereinafter referred to as “the participant”).

  • Special agreements that deviate from or supplement these terms and conditions are only binding if agreed in writing and only apply on a case-by-case basis.


  • Registration as a participant takes place by completely filling in the registration form and sending it or filling it in at the reception in the sports center.


  • A membership at Barraco Team Rotterdam will always start on the specified start date and is always for a period of 1 month with tacit renewal of 1 month each time.

  • All amounts are due and payable in advance. Payment must be made in advance by direct debit for the amount related to the membership.

  • If Barraco Team Rotterdam is forced to cancel the lessons for a longer period of time due to special external circumstances beyond our control, we are not obliged to settle the contribution for these lessons that have not been taken. There is a maximum of 30 days that no lessons can be given.

  • In the event of late receipt of the amount due, for example as a result of insufficient balance or for whatever reason, an administration fee of € 9.50 will be charged. If the amounts owed are not paid within 30 calendar days, the participant will be given the last opportunity to ensure sufficient balance or to pay the amount owed himself. If the participant is still in default after a period of six weeks, the claim and all outstanding installments of the subscription will be handed over. All costs incurred for this, with a minimum of € 150.00, are for the account of the participant.

  • Reversal of automatically debited amounts is possible within 30 calendar days.

  • As long as the payment obligation has not been met, the participant may be refused access to Barraco Team Rotterdam. Barraco Team Rotterdam is entitled to terminate the membership and the relationship with the participant in the event of payment arrears, without the payment obligation lapses.

  • Barraco Team Rotterdam reserves the right to change rates in the interim. The participants will be notified of this at least 1 month before a price change. If the rate increases by more than 10%, the participant is entitled to terminate his membership with immediate effect with due observance of article 5, paragraph 1.


  • Barraco Team Rotterdam reserves the right to change opening hours, location, programs, etc.

  • If the participant does not make use of the right to unlimited training or to participate in course components and/or activities, which are offered by Barraco Team Rotterdam, no refund of the contribution will be made.

  • On official and recognized holidays and/or during events, Barraco Team Rotterdam is entitled to be closed or to adjust the opening hours and/or offer.


  • The participant can terminate his membership by giving written notice to Barraco Team Rotterdam via e-mail.

  • A membership can be terminated as of the 1st of each calendar month, with due observance of art. 3(1).

  • The notice period is 1 whole calendar month before the date on which the membership expires, with due observance of art. 3(1).

  • A notice period of one calendar month means the contract ends on the last day of the following month.

  • Barraco Team Rotterdam reserves the right, in the event of serious or repeated violation of the house rules or other proven unacceptable behaviour, to unilaterally terminate a membership at the direction of the branch management without refund of payment and without the payment obligation for the current term lapse.


  • Barraco Team Rotterdam does not accept any liability for damage, loss or theft of the participant's property.

  • Using the facilities, training support, taking group lessons or a program at Barraco Team Rotterdam is entirely at the participant's own risk.

  • Barraco Team Rotterdam does not accept any liability for material or immaterial damage as a result of accident or injury to the participant.

  • The participant is aware that practicing certain branches of sport entails risks and that he/she takes any (consequential) damage that may arise as a result of practicing any kind of sport at his/her own risk.

  • The participant will also indemnify Barraco Team Rotterdam against claims from third parties in this regard.


  • The participant is expected to be aware of the house rules of the Barraco Team Rotterdam establishment and to act accordingly.

  • The general terms and conditions and the house rules of the Barraco Team Rotterdam establishment can be found on the Barraco Team Rotterdam website.


  • Barraco Team Rotterdam processes the personal data of the participant for the purpose of proper business operations, which includes, among other things, maintaining a good membership administration. Barraco Team Rotterdam can inform the participant by e-mail about its activities. If the participant does not wish to receive this, he can lodge an objection with Barraco Team Rotterdam by means of a written notification.

  • The personal data is included in a file in the computer, in which all Barraco Team Rotterdam participants are included. Barraco Team Rotterdam and its employees treat the information provided confidentially. The personal data will not be kept longer than necessary for the stated purpose.

  • The participant can request to inspect his personal data and to improve, supplement or change this data, which request will be honored if this is reasonably possible.


  • These terms and conditions and all agreements entered into by or with Barraco Team Rotterdam are exclusively governed by Dutch law.

  • All disputes, which may arise as a result of the agreement between the participant and Barraco Team Rotterdam, will be settled by a competent court in the district where the Barraco Team Rotterdam office is located.

  • By registering, the participant declares to accept the general terms and conditions and the house rules of Barraco Team Rotterdam.

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